Bboy Crumbs 2013 “Crumbs4Reel”

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Midus x Boombox TV

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Crumbs x UK Bboy Championship 2001

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Pandora x Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

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A-Game x Shrapnel

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Shrapnel – Official Music Video from STABLISHED on Vimeo.

Adisa Banjoko Interviews A-Game

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A-Game is one of The Bay Area’s most notable bboys. Hip-Hop dance, (well, dance period) is in his blood. He moves with a passion that electrifies the floor. His movements reflect a connection beyond foundation or fundamental mastery. They reflect a respect for tradition of those that have come before him. For those of you who compete, or plan to compete, this is a fantastic interview to read. More than that, you will learn about the beauty of dance beyond dance itself.  READ MORE

Pandora Marie – “Create Your Escape” – Wildfire by SBTRKT (feat. Little Dragon)

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Artson (Style Elements Crew)

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Born to Be #WindyCityWednesdays

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Download Born To Be by Artson